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Wines from Northern Baja’s Guadalupe Valley »

by Marcus Salvemini A love for wine brings the Mexican culture to life in ways we’ve seldom seen.  The vision behind the wine making culture that has evolved in a valley just 10 miles east of Ensenada, came from Hugo D’Acosta, who, about 20 years…

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“Love is being in harmony with one and all. Love means realizing your identity with the world. Your oneness with beings. To regard them as you would the different parts of your physical body. Every part of the body is dear to you. You look…

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Setting Fitness Goals and Getting Results »

Article & photos by-- Mike Cimorelli Jr. What is fitness? For many, it is defined as the combined acts of putting the body through physical stress in order to achieve a higher athletic performance level or simply obtain a buff looking body. Unfortunately, for some…

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Concentrate! Focus! Be in the present! But How? »

Excerpt from Vedanta Treatise by Swami Parthasarathy Concentrate.  Focus.  Be in the present.  Focus on the Self.  Be aware.   Be peaceful.  Don’t be selfish.  Don’t drink too much.  Don’t eat too much.  Don’t be lazy.  Control yourself.  Stop smoking.  Be quiet.  Etc. etc. etc. Advice…

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MEMORY Starts With ‘ME‘ (Protecting Your Memory) »

By Hermine Hilton ‘America’s Memory Motivator’ Your MEmory is one of your most valuable assets.  And it is up to you to do everything you can to protect it.    Your Physical Health… …can effect your ability to remember. Strengthening your cardiovascular system should have…

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Hello To All Our Friends and Neighbors »

Rod Bergen 2015

FROM THE CHAIRMAN OF THE MALIBU CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Malibu, California is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful places on earth and all…

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Malibu, A Weekend Getaway »

pier malibu

by Michelle West Give Malibu a weekend and the city will deliver a bundle of exceptional memories. If you’re looking for casual family fun and…

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Veera's Blog

Learning to L.I.V.E.

Veera Mahajan

Loving yourself is the simplest recipe that makes you… Insist on Freedom. The only way to be truly free is by gaining… Victory over victim syndrome… Once you hone that trait,…

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Tea Time

Meet Martin Dunkerton, author and producer of Awaken Your Riches


 by Kathleen Rosenblatt British born Martin Dunkerton is co-founder of Serendipity Movies + Media and CEO founder of He has enjoyed over 20 years producing and directing…

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Health & Fitness

Ask the Expert: Andrew J. Kaufman, MD, FACP, What can I do about my hair loss?


There are two FDA-approved medications available for treatment of androgenetic alopecia (male or female pattern hair loss). The over-the-counter medication Rogaine® (minoxidil) acts as a hair growth stimulator. It…

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Current Events

A Perfect Wedding at Theatre Palisades


  by Sue Hardie   If you’re looking for a lighthearted escape with a few good belly laughs I suggest you see Perfect Wedding at Theatre Palisades. A riotous…

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