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3 Tips For Healthy Legs.



By Dr. Greg Albaugh

 Your legs get a real workout,  shopping, cooking, dancing, mingling at parties….whatever you’re doing chances are you are on your feet.  Proactively caring for your legs will help you get a leg up on the holidays this year.

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Tip 1:  Take Horse Chestnut Seed Extract

This natural remedy contains beta-aescin and other compounds believed to help strengthen blood vessel walls and reduce swelling and redness.

Tip 2: Wear Compression Stockings Or Socks

Today’s compression stockings and socks are not what you may think of as something only a senior might wear.   Today’s styles can even be fashionable.   They are designed for the purpose of providing support for your legs and keeping blood and fluid from pooling in your legs, thus reducing swelling and leg fatigue.

Tip 3:  See A Specialist

Swelling or edema in the legs along with pain and fatigue should not be taken lightly. Today we have many non-invasive, out patient procedures to get your back on your feet in no time.


Dr. Albaugh is board certified in both general and vascular surgery. He has been with Coastal Vascular Center since 2004 with offices in both Camarillo and Oxnard. He is currently the director of peripheral vascular lab at St. John’s Regional Medical Center. For more information, visit 

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