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Look at this beautiful Bonsai tree.  It looks beautiful alright, but think about what was done to it for it to grow in a little pot. And, what would this tree have been if it was left alone and allowed to grow the way it was supposed to.  Is a tree supposed to grow in a cup and be sitting on your window sill?  Should it even be called a tree if it does?

12” bonsai palm tree vs. 50 feet tall Palm tree

Yeah, it is supposed to be pretty looking, but it has almost no roots and no strength.

Just for his selfish pleasure and sense of control, someone came up with this cruel idea of methodically cutting the roots of a potentially big and strong tree so he could keep it alive in a cup but keep it from growing.

“To find pleasure in curiously curved potted Bonsai tree is to love deformity and to force potentially huge tree to stay dwarfed, is to abuse power and control”

Let’s see if we can assume this baby palm tree to be a little human baby.  The baby palm is kept small and in a cup on a window sill by cutting its roots otherwise it would grow to be a huge 50 feet tall, beautiful and strong tree standing tall over almost everything around it.  Similarly, the little human baby if allowed to follow his natural talents and abilities and if he received the support that he deserved, he could be anybody he wanted to be in the world.  The sky would be the limit and he would grow up to be happy and successful person.

But, many a times, the grown-ups in his life; who are supposed to support this fresh new life and nurture him and encourage him to reach his potential have their own agenda. They want him to be something that they think is right for him, not even considering or paying attention to what this young child might like or want to be.  If he doesn’t do as told; he was punished, sent to time out and in the end made to do just as he is told. The child, in the end learns the surviving skills.  He learns that if he doesn’t want to be in any trouble and if he wants to keep the supposedly caring grown-ups happy and proud of him; he better do exactly what he is expected to do.

Over time, this child keeps doing what he is expected of, till he forgets what he really liked and wanted in his own life. Living to make others happy becomes a habit.

In the end, he did what he was supposed to and became what he was expected to. His own wishes were lost somewhere in the process, as some distant unfulfilled dreams.

A lot of caregivers want to raise leaders and are disappointed in their children if they are not.  They do not realize that they are the ones who did not let the child learn how to be a leader. Due to their over bearing control and expectations to always do as they ask, all they taught their young ones was to be followers. You can not breed brilliant leaders by forcing them to follow what you want them to do.  Debates, dreams and taking chances should be encouraged and supported if you want someone to think independently and dare to live their lives.

Excessive control can only stunt the development of a growing child as it does the growing tree. So please let a tree and child grow freely and don’t let them be a Bonsai.
Freedom is Beautiful!!

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