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A Tired Dog is a Happy Dog


by JC Cadena

It seems that today the most exercise dogs get, including my dog named Nikki  was daily exercise to becoming a couch potato. Even my friends smaller breeds were not get enough exercise inside the house.

I realized I had succumb to the daily grind and my poor Nikki was no longer on the priority list.  I had forgotten that besides providing my dog with food and shelter, one of the duties of being a responsible pet owner was providing my adorable companion with proper daily exercise.

Not getting enough exercise was turning my pup to destructive doggy behavior, depression, overweight, and health issues.  I found later such health issue could possibly lead to diabetes, respiratory disease and heart disease.   And, low exercise could also aggravate orthopedic issues, such as hip dysplasia and arthritis.   I learned obesity can put stress on joints, ligaments and tendons. I could see a few of these signs on Nikki, luckily driving me to action. I remembered a 30 to 60 minute brisk leashed walk allowed my pet and me sufficient exercise to keep us both happy.

DSC_0510Knowing Nikki’s personality helped me find fun activities.   She plays well with others, the dog park became a great place to socialize and play.  Doggie day care was another option providing exercise for both mind and body.  And occasionally when timed allowed we went out for a nice long hike.  I found a tired Nikki was a happy Nikki and that made a happy Me.

We all care for our pets,  providing the necessary exercise will help them live healthy, happy, loving long lives.



Providing preventive health care is crucial to enjoying the quality time you spend with your pet. Stay on top of vaccinations and parasite control. It’s important to provide ID tags and keep your pet’s registration up-to-date.
 Keep in mind the amount of exercise needed depends on your dog’s age, breed and health. If you are not sure how much exercise your pet needs, contact your vet for independent advice. 

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