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A Unique Massage Experience in Malibu


A Unique Massage Experience in Malibu

By: Veera Mahajan


I recently enjoyed a unique massage experience at Mira’s Malibu, the newest massage practice in Malibu, right above Zuma Jay Surf store on PCH.   She recently moved in this new location with her hand-picked staff to start her new practice

As soon as I went in, I was greeted by two of Mira’s friendly therapists.  They gave me a nice little basket to place my personal belongings.  Then they gave me an intake form to fill out so they would know the reason for my visit.

Next they helped me pick my favorite essential oil that was going to be used for my massage.  I was asked to close my eyes and one of the ladies rubbed a little oil on my forehead, letting me smell different oils.  I picked Lavender!

The room was filled with nice music and chimes from Tibetan bells.

I asked why bells? They told me that bells are used to clear the spiritual chakras.  They tried to explain the Chakras to me.  Chakras are energy points in each person that need to be cleared and opened for healthy living.

Then the therapist walked me through a beautiful dimly candle lit hallway to the treatment room. She started with a short foot massage. They start all treatments with a foot massage to make sure the guests are completely relaxed and are able to enjoy their treatments thoroughly.

At Mira’s Malibu, they specialize in a unique combination of Eastern and Western massage techniques.

I wanted to know more about Mira!

She was born in Taiwan. She first came to America in 1996 at the age of 19.  She began studying Western massage techniques at the Massage Art Center of Philadelphia.  After many years of study she began working as a professional massage therapist in Philadelphia where she developed her own techniques as well as a deep spiritual connection with her clients.   Then she decided to understand the ancient art of Thai massage where techniques for the treatment of illness and for spiritual wellbeing.    In 2005 she went to Thailand to study massage at the ancient temple of Wat Pho – a sacred Buddhist temple well known as the birthplace and center of traditional Thai massage for the treatment of specific illnesses.

Mira strongly believes that physical pain is not always caused by physical injury.  Often stress and emotion can manifest in a physical form.   There is energy within all of us and she wants to help her clients heal, relax and find their own inner peace.

You can contact them at (310) 456 8815

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