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Achieving Athletic Success: It’s all in your head


By Gina Kaysen Fernandes


 As a high school hockey player, Steve Weinstein had ambitious goals. The Los Angeles teenager hoped to play for a Canadian junior hockey team and dreamed of  going on to compete at the collegiate level. But, at 5’9’ and 140 pounds, Steve’s lofty plans seemed almost unattainable.

That’s before Steve met Jon Geiger, a sports-specific conditioning specialist. “If you don’t shoot for it, you’re not going to get near it,” said Geiger, who takes an unorthodox approach to helping athletes reach their full potential. “Be committed to a goal that you hold close to your heart,” said Jon. “I’ll help you believe in yourself.”

Using a combination of “forensic detective work”, psychology, and physical training, Geiger crafted a personalized workout that focused on Steve’s unique needs.

By graduation, Steve had gained 25 pounds of muscle and signed with a team in British Columbia to play Junior Hockey.

But a few weeks into the season, Steve dropped weight and started losing confidence. “I doubted myself the first year. I was timid and didn’t play with confidence,” recalls Steve. When Geiger honed-in on Steve’s mental fitness rather than just the physical elements, Steve started seeing big changes on the ice rink. “Jon really pushed me to a place when I thought I couldn’t go any further,” said Steve.

During the final two years of Steve’s stint in Junior Hockey he played in 191 games straight, without injury, and helped his team win the national championship. Steve is now a freshman at Bentley University, outside Boston, where he plays for a division one team.

Jon Geiger’s motivational fitness work has helped countless athletes at all levels of competition. “I saw a lot of improvements with my mental confidence,” says Tommy Shiba, a former varsity baseball player. He worked with Jon in an effort to get more playing time on the field.  “Improving an athlete’s mentality can help a good player become a great player. Mentally, you perform at a higher level, “ said Shiba.

Jon’s insightful guidance has caught the attention of some of the top scouts in the nation. “I’m impressed by the passion he has when he’s working with athletes,” said Mark Hughes, a Director of Scouting for the New York Knicks. Hughes, a former Detroit Pistons player, thinks Geiger’s focus on the mental aspects of fitness training sets him apart from the competition. “His vision is very special. His whole deal is helping athletes reach their full potential,” said Hughes, who believes working with Jon gives athletes an edge.

It is important to work both on mind and the body, which is the key to success!  Jon works with your schedule, accommodate your location and help children develop skills they will use in every area of their lives.


1477559_616404375062606_970603195_nOur MC Fitness consultant – Jon Geiger is the founder of “Geiger’s No Limits”, a company which specializes in unleashing the potential of young athletes and performers through creative approaches in Mental and Physical conditioning. He also has over two decades of achieving such results with adults.

Jon works throughout the region and can be reached at:;  213-814-7667

For more information check his


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