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Malibu Chronicle’s credo, All Good News: A divine blend of humor, art, life and inspiration”, has gained an incredible reputation over the years.

Entertainment and industry leaders comment on how it’s their favorite reading material cover to cover.

Our motto, “Your Forum for Expression”, encourages our readers to use the publication as a vehicle for their own creativity, expression and opinion, resulting in more submissions every issue.  In fact, 65% of our content is submitted by our readership.

We have featured articles by acclaimed writers and celebrities including: Gore Vidal, George Carlin, John Cleese, Steve Martin, Dennis Kucinich, Ariana Huffington, Marrianne Williamson, Tommy Hawkins, Hermine Hilton, and others.

Malibu Chronicle continues to get better with every single story, posting and issue.  We take pride in our focus on integrity, good timing and the ability to produce a high quality product.

Malibu Chronicle takes marketing seriously and will support the successful growth of your business, organization air service.

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