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Another Reason Malibu is so Great!!!


I had a meeting at Starbucks at the colony today. I hung my LV purse with everything in it on the back of the chair as I usually do. I finished my meeting, picked up my iPad, phone, glasses, car keys and walked away while talking to the person I was meeting. I went to my car and drove away. I was gone about ten minutes and as I was driving on PCH I realised that I did not have my purse with me. I of course panicked and stopped at the first stop I could make. I looked around every where, in the back seat, in the passenger seat and even in the trunk, just in case I put it there and forgot about it. I did not want to believe I left it outside the Starbucks where anyone could have walked away with it.

What else could I do, I turned around. Going back on PCH felt like eternity.  Of course by murphy’s law I was getting every red light. Everyone in front of me was driving so slow like they did not care if they reached anywhere or not, and I felt like the 2 miles had stretched to 10 by now. I could not go fast enough and I was afraid of getting a reckless driving ticket if I tried to go any faster than I could  in that traffic at that time.

So, I tried to follow the rules and I finally reached the shopping center, I took my shoes off so I could run faster without high heals to go see with hope against hope that my purse was still hanging on that chair and no one noticed it even though it had been about 15 minutes since I had left the place leaving my purse hanging and un attended in a very public place.

As I was looking around, the guys sitting at a near by table said, are you looking for a bag? All of a sudden, I felt the dim light of hope and said yes. They said it is inside. I went in to ask the guy at the starbuck’s counter. He said yes he has it.  He asked me what kind of purse it was.  Once I identified it, he gave me the purse. I felt such a relief, like my life was saved because I know it is very hard to cancel all cards, etc and then get all that back and the id. That would have been a real headache .

I still can’t believe that leaving a LV purse full of all my personal belongings in such a public place and finding it untouched after it had gone through a few different stranger’s hands.  It can only happen in Malibu.

Another reason to love MALIBU!!  People in Malibu are just pure wonderful!



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