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Interested in anything art-related. Do you have questions regarding the value of artwork you own? Look no further than for answers, insights and discoveries.

From provenance research and appraisal of paintings, sculptures, jewelry or artifacts to restoring Renaissance porcelains, repairing antique furniture or conserving museum-quality artwork, the ARTpraisal studio is also a place where one can marvel at truly unique art collections. In short, it’s a place like no other.

“At ARTpraisal, our goal is to help you reveal the true value of your art, or share insights to better understand art,” says Eric Finzi certified appraiser with the College for Appraisers where he is also a faculty member.

artwork 1The team has worked with prestigious organizations such as The J. Paul Getty Museum, The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Museum of Contemporary Art and The Guggenheim, to name a few.

Mostly, the people at ARTpraisal love sharing their incredible knowledge of art.

“You feel at ease the moment you step into the ARTpraisal studio” shares Matt, a client who comes to have the artwork he recently acquired researched and authenticated. “Not only do the people at ARTpraisal have an incredible breadth of knowledge and expertise, they don’t make me feel like the novice that I am. They’ll sit down with you and answer all your questions. It really feels like I’m visiting friends.” Matt shares.

“I completely trust the ARTpraisal team,” adds Nancy, who boasts an extensive collection of Italian vases. “Their restoration work is impeccable — they were able to completely repair the missing pieces on the handles and match the original color and finish of my vases.”

fixed vase fixing base






Who’s Who at ARTpraisal


Eric Finzi

A trained gemologist, Mr. Finzi is the Senior Fine Arts Consultant at ARTpraisal. He studied fine art restoration and earned an MFA degree at the Royal Art Academy of Antwerp in Belgium. His expertise in appraisal of works of arts spans over 40 years and includes works of Rembrandt, Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Paul Klee, Franz Kline, Floris Jespers, Van Dyck, Guido Reni and Oscar Kokoschka to name a few.




Kurt Barstow

Kurt Barstow, Senior Research Associate at ARTpraisal, holds a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley in the History of Art. He was a curator at the Getty Museum for fourteen years where he wrote two books, curated several exhibitions and, working on new acquisitions, helped to develop the collection.

Kurt was awarded the Jacob K. Javits Fellowship from 1987-1991 and in 2000-2001 was the Ahmanson Fellow at Villa I Tatti, the Harvard Center for Italian Renaissance Studies. His experience as a museum curator has made him an invaluable resource for ARTpraisal, particularly for appraisals of fine art and provenance research.


Nathan Zakheim

Nathan Zakheim is the Senior Conservator at ARTpraisal, a sought-after conservation expert, he is the author of many conservation professional papers. A former member of the board of Directors at the Los Angeles Mural Conservancy, he has spearheaded the field of mural conservation with innovative conservation techniques and state of the art wall treatments.

Nathan had the good fortune to be the apprentice of his own father, Bernard Zakheim, the famous fresco artist and sculptor, and benefited from studying the science of conservation with a number of world-renowned conservators. He later developed conservation parameters still in use today for several Southern California cities and has served as an expert witness in art-related matters.



Eve Guilbaud

Eve Guilbaud holds a Master’s Degree in International Business from the Sorbonne University in Paris. She handles all marketing, social media and public relations at ARTpraisal as well as communication with artists and exhibit promotion.






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ARTpraisal Upcoming Exhibitions



The Zakheim Exhibit : Expressing the Unspeakable
“The Rosznoi Saints”
Media: Branched Trunk of Valley Oak 58 1⁄2” h x 17” w

Zakheim Exhibit







ARTpraisal is the antidote to a static art gallery. It is truly a place where art comes alive through unique exhibits of renowned and emerging artists.

Starting October 28 and for the first time ever, Bernard Zakheim’s renowned collection of sculptures and canvases, created out of the pain and suffering of the Holocaust, will be gathered in one exhibit at the ARTpraisal Gallery.

Zakheim (1896-1985) worked and studied with Diego Rivera during the 1930s. He expanded on the Mexican muralist’s social realism and during the 1940s his entire approach to artistic expression was transformed by the horrific events of the Holocaust which included the loss of at least 300 immediate family members who perished in the Warsaw Ghetto during the second world war.

Much of this art has been hidden away for decades, but art conservators at the ARTpraisal Gallery have painstakingly restored this remarkable and historic collection. The exhibit opening coincides with important Jewish observances in October and as the 70th anniversary of the end the Holocaust approaches.

The Zakheim Exhibit Collection will be available for private viewings. Please contact for details.


 Fixed and Free Images: Drifting Through the Subconscious

Discover the organic works of K. E. Fix , displayed for the first time as an ensemble at the ARTpraisal Gallery.

K. E. Fix calls himself a photo-painter and chose to share his highly personal collection of work at the grand opening of the ARTpraisal gallery on October 28, 2014.

The artwork is a soothing combination of natural rock formations, flowers and landscapes magically suggestive of our subconscious mind.

“This particular form of photographic art has been therapeutic for me,” Kenneth shares. “It took me by surprise.”

The Soul of the Cougar Ken Fix PhotoArt






“The Soul of a Cougar” – Copyright K. E. Fix – All Rights Reserved

Perhaps it is because of the unusual breadth of knowledge that the folks at ARTpraisal have managed to gather — or maybe the unique scope of services that the studio offers, combining art restoration with art appraisal and art appreciation that draws people from diverse horizons to gather here.

Come share the love of art this fall and witness first-hand how paintings, museum-quality works of art and artifacts are being restored to their original glory.

Prepare to be amazed.


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