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Ask the Expert, Bob S. Perkins, D.D.S. Are you suffering from chronic headaches, migraines, TMD, or jaw pain?

Chronic facial pain can be devastating.  Temporal Mandibular Joint/Temporal Mandibular Disorder (TMJ/TMD) pain and chronic headaches affects up to 25 – 30% of the population, and disproportionately, most are women.  Invariably, these symptoms are related to imbalances in the muscles that support the jaw.

 When your “bite” is not balanced, there is a ripple effect.  The muscles of the face and head are firing too strongly and too often.  This can manifest as headaches, migraines, neck pain, postural changes, ringing in the ears, dizziness, clickingtmj of the jaw joints, soreness in the jaw muscles, limited ability to open the mouth, and chipping or wearing of the teeth.

Muscles are required to bring your teeth together. If bringing your teeth together requires certain muscles to overwork, then they will soon become fatigued and they will enlist help from other groups of muscles in the head and neck.   As muscle groups begin to fatigue we start to see a distortion in the way the head and neck relate and a change in the posture, among other changes.

 If the teeth aren’t coming together in the right place, then too often, the joint and muscles wont be comfortable.

 Treating TMJ/TMD and chronic headaches requires calming the muscles. This is accomplished by establishing a new relationship between the upper and lower jaws where the muscles don’t have to overwork in order to bring the teeth together.  It requires a non surgical, orthopedic solution which invariably restores proper facial proportions and balance to the face.  “Form follows function” as a great, modern architect once said. That is to say, that if the face looks proportional and balanced, it is highly likely that the muscles and joints are comfortable.

 (left picture) Edson came to my office with debilitating headaches, neck aches, TMJ pain, and a general sense of malaise.  He had been to numerous specialists with no relief.  No one had taken a neuromuscular approach.  Prescriptions were given and many tests, but no results.  He was defeated and almost hopeless.

(right picture)We comfortably found and created a new bite position for Edson that brought balance and comfort to the muscles.  This not only eliminated 15 years of symptoms but it gave his face the proportions and balance it had been lacking.  This is a holistic approach.  Nothing but a holistic approach will bring these results.  A “night guard” or “splint” is a band-aid approach, at best. Jennifer ‘s face and eyes looked very strained and uncomfortable. Her muscles were overworking to bring the teeth together in her existing, pathological bite. Her teeth were extremely worn down from muscle agitation. (right picture) When the jaw relationship was modified such that the muscles and joints were balanced and comfortable, Jennifer’s face took on a renewed appearance.  She looks much younger, poised, and she is pain free.

Come to our office for a complimentary consultation to see if we can comfortably restore health, balance and function, and eliminate chronic pain.  Visit our website at  and hear testimonials from just a few of the many patients who have experienced this relief.  With our neuromuscular approach, a solution is just a visit away.

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