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Ask the Expert: Dr. Marc Kerner, MD, FACS What is the difference Botox and Fillers?

beautiful-skin3BOTOX® Cosmetic is an injectable product that improves the appearance of facial lines that arise from muscle contractions. These are called dynamic wrinkles. When injected into these muscles, it temporarily weakens these muscles. The result is that the overlying skin remains smooth and unwrinkled while untreated facial muscles contract normally, allowing normal facial expression to be unaffected.  The effects wear off within 3-6 months, which is why Botox is not a permanent solution for wrinkle removal.


Fillers are materials that are injected into the skin that add volume to the skin and underlying tissues. There are numerous fillers that can accomplish the desired result of filling fine lines and wrinkles, and replacing volume in the face. Among these are:

JUVÉDERMa hyaluronic acid injectable gel that is excellent for filling wrinkles and folds around the nose and mouth.  It adds volume to facial tissue and restores a smoother appearance to the face. It lasts 6-9 months depending on how much is injected.

VOLUMA®- is another hyaluronic acid product that is designed for filling large areas of the face such as the temporal and midface hollows.  It can last up to 2 fillersyears.

RESTYLANE®- is another hyaluronic acid product that restores volume to the skin to correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles and lasts 3-6 months.

RADIESSE – is a filler material made from calcium hydroxyapatite. It can be used to replace soft tissue loss in the nasolabial folds and midface region. It can also be used for acne scars.  It also lasts approximately 1 to 2 years, depending on the area injected.

SCULPTRA AESTHETIC™ – is a safe effective injectable material that provides a gradual and significant increase in skin thickness and is used for the correction of fine lines, wrinkles, and tissue loss in the midface and temporal region. It works by stimulating your tissues to produce more collagen, which results in more tissue volume.

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