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Ask the Expert: Dr. Talia Emery, Is there any really effective way to tighten my skin without plastic surgery?

14Talia imageI’m asked this question on a daily basis. Several years ago, my answer usually involved shaking my head. But due to recent major advancements in non-invasive aesthetics, my patients now have the opportunity to tighten skin on their face and body without surgery.

When it comes to firming tissue on the face and neck, Ultherapy is the go-to procedure. Ultherapy is the first and only non-invasive treatment that’s FDA cleared to lift the eyebrow, neck, and under-chin area, and it just recently gained specific clearance to improve lines and wrinkles of the chest.

Ultherapy utilizes ultrasound waves to deliver focused energy to the same foundational layer typically pulled by surgeons during cosmetic surgery, but it does so without cutting or disrupting the skin’s surface. Ultrasound has a 50-year history of proven safety, and with Ultherapy there is no down time, so patients can resume normal activities immediately. Most patients need only one treatment, and results can last years.

If it’s loose skin on the body that you’re looking to tighten, procedures utilizing radio frequency, such as JuVaShape, can offer significant results without surgery. Radio frequency is used to safely deliver concentrated thermal energy to the deep layers of tissue. This results in collagen stimulation and selective breakdown of fibrous strands to allow for a smoothing, sculpting effect.

In our office we use JuVaShape technology to tighten skin of the abdomen, arms, thighs, and knees. Because it combines four proven technologies in one system, we can achieve impressive results with little to no downtime. The sensation is usually described as similar to that of a hot stone massage. Treatments generally take 15 to 30 minutes and results last six months to a year.

Ultherapy and JuVaShape are receiving stellar reviews nationwide from both patients and providers

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