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Ask the Expert Olenka Speaker, D.O. How do I protect myself from the Summer Sun

Remember to protect your skin from harmful UV Rays this summer.  The sun during the summer months in Southern California is strong.  Make sure you are reapplying your sun block every 80 minutes; applying once in the morning is just not enough. This will help maintain a constant barrier from the UV rays.  Just as important, you should be wearing a wide brim hat to protect not only your face but your ears as well.  Try to avoid being outside for extended periods of time from 10: a.m. until 3:00 p.m.  The late morning an early afternoon is when the sun is at its strongest.  In Southern California your skin gets dry, especially in the winter, so remember to stay hydrated and moisturize regularly to keep your skin in its best condition.


The Center for Dermatology Care.  Visit your Dermatologist to see which sunscreen would be best for you!



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