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Attending the 57th Annual Grammy Awards

wouterkellerman arun shenoy

It was an amazing experience to attend the Grammy Awards and watch my friends, Wouter Kellermanand Ricky Kej, win the Best New Age Album Grammy for Winds of Samsara.

Thank you Wouter and Tholsi (Wouter’s manager) for including my son, Rahul Mahajan, and me in your wonderful journey to wouter and mahajansthe Nokia Center yesterday.  Rahul is an upcoming artist and my hope is to see my son accept a Grammy someday.  

It was a thrill to see Wouter and Ricky accept the award. Tholsi, anyone who knows you and Wouter can attest to what a great team you are. You are his Rock. 

I remember talking to Wouter on Saturday night (before the big day) in the bar at the Biltmore Hotel. He was still not sure what he was going to say WHEN he won the award.  He talked out loud about what he might say and shared that for the last few years winning the Grammy had been his goal and focus.  Wouter said for fun and relaxation he liked to go to a salsa bar and dance, so we did a little salsa together! Almost everyone in the bar, even the other nominees for the same award, said they were sure Wouter and Ricky were going to walk away with the big prize.  But, it is not done till it is done.

So, as they announced the names of the nominees, Wouter said he was pretty sure his name was going to be called as the winner. He closed his eyes and was very still. People around him probably thought that he was praying or meditating, but he was running over the speech that he would have to make in a few seconds.  I can’t imagine what a feeling that would be.   As soon as their names were announced, Wouter IMG_4974and Ricky jumped up. I’m sure you can see that video on Facebook.  Tholsi and Varsha (Ricky’s wife) were happy, excited and relieved. Tholsi could not stop shaking for almost an hour even after she walked out. I think she didn’t stop shaking until she saw Wouter come out to the lobby.  It was beautiful to see all their years of hard work come to fruition. 

We and all their friends were so proud, happy and excited for them.  Woulter, Ricky, Tholsi and Varsha went to meet the media and we, their happy excited friends, went to the nearby bar at LA LIVE and started the celebration with Champagne and Sushi.  Shots of Tequilla started going down with cheers of celebration as soon as they came back to join the crowd.

Watching the awards with my Grammy winner friends and my son was an amazing experience.

rahul veeraIt could not get any better.  It was also gratifying to see President Obama’s important and meaningful speech in the middle of all the celebration to raise awareness for Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence. He is so right when he says that It’sOnUs to do something about it. It’sOnUs to end this epidemic.

The after party at the Convention Center was wonderful. Concerts and acrobats, food and drink grammy tickets 1everywhere.  People were in a euphoric celebratory mood, laughing, singing and dancing.  I noticed that just about everyone in the audience had a beautiful singing voice. Where else can that happen except at a musical festival celebrating music and musicians. It was an amazing day and evening in Downtown Los Angeles at LA LIVE!!

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