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Best Mom Ever – Sweet Memories

Sweet Memories

by JC Cadena

As I write this I can’t help but become overwhelmed with emotion. Today I remember, not the pain, hurt or loss, but my mother’s love and the joy we shared together.  Though she may not have said the words “I love you” before she left, the universe reminded me that she loved me everyday.

I stopped acknowledging Mother’s Day when I lost my mother to ovarian cancer. Mother’s Day had become a reminder of her suffering and my loss, so in protest, I declined any invitation to celebrate the day. Instead, I curled up on the couch with my favorite blanket and the company of my dogs.

One morning, a few days before Mother’s Day, I had breakfast with a friend in Hollywood at a comfy, spacious 1950’s beststyle cafe that had mirrors along the wall.

Breakfast was delish, portions were large and beyond sufficient. Done. I put my sunglasses on. I sat there with my Hollywood attitude, impatient, waiting for the check, but still glancing at the dessert menu.

The restaurant made cupcakes fresh daily.  “Das Cupcake,” a German cupcake called out to me. The waiter informed us we had to wait five minutes because the cupcakes had just come out of the oven and they needed to cool down. “Fresh out of the oven, sold!” I thought.

When Das Cupcake arrived, I eagerly split the cupcake down the middle. Half for my friend and the other half with the German-Chocolate-Cupcakes-1pecan  for me. I took my first bite into the most amazing cupcake; the chocolate, the coconut frosting, the heavenly clouds of soft delicate flavor! As I finished, I bit down on the last single pecan that adorned the cupcake.  Instantly, I was reminded of my mother. This cupcake had her spirit, her heavenly complexion, her soft delicate nature and her honest and giving attitude. I was transported to a time when my family was happy and together.   My mother had taken my two sisters and me to a café similar to the one I was sitting in. We sat in a booth and shared the biggest chocolate German cake three little girls had ever seen. My mother was young and healthy and we were happy.  I had forgotten that my mother always brought home German cake and how much I loved it.   I thought I loved it because a child loves sugary sweets. But now years later, I realize that I loved this German cake because my mother took great pleasure expressing her love with food.  At that moment, I felt like the most loved person in the entire universe.

My mother cooked fresh, healthy, delicious food for me everyday. How I miss my mother and her cooking. I went home and cried, remembering all the sweet memories instead of the pain. I remembered she was the best Mom ever. Today, I celebrate Mother’s Day for all the mothers who love and nurture their children.




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