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Bird’s love for Sunrise


Watch the enchanting sunrise and watch the bird enjoying it! Bird loves the sunrise!  The sunrise looks different every morning and the bird loves it in all its glory each time.  She is not trying to change the colors or the intensity of the sun ever.  She never expects the sun to suit her needs or wishes. She never tries to say, why is it too orange or wish I could remove the little grey.

I watch the birds sing and dance everyday (well almost everyday) as the sun comes up. I wish to be that bird. I want to learn how to love like the birds love the sunrise without any conditions and expectations.

That is what I will to commit to achieve this year. I am going to focus on the people I love not why I love them or what might make me love them more. I want to just love,  exactly the way they are!

I will try to make what they like as important to me as it is to them because they are important to me.   I will be a better listener. I will then hear how they need to be loved.

Let’s start 2013 with a more loving attitude!

Happy New Year!!



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