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Bought another hat at Malibu Art Festival


new hat1Just came back form the Malibu Art Festival. It was nice to see all the friendly faces and visit with some old and new friends including my fiends at Malibu Chamber Rhea and Mark.

I had gone there with my friend Suzie and her mom Marty.  The chicken tacos and quesadillas were great.  We walked around for a little bit saw some interesting art pieces and got some goody bags.  Wheel of fortune at Wells Fargo was good. I won a cute little box of note pads.

The sun was so bright that we kept stopping at different stalls to get some shade. It was a good reason/excuse to buy another hat.  That is what I do at every out door fair or event. I forget to take a hat and end up buying another hat. Luckily they always have new and interesting hats everywhere. I love to collect hats. Hats are a close second to my weakness for shoes. ( I am not very good with selfies, I should have asked someone else to take the photo). The hat and I looked better in person 🙂

All in all, I had a lot of fun. Back home to finish our August.Sept. issue. Have to send it to print tonight.

So excited! Please look it up, in a week or so it should be out on the stands. Look for the beautiful Malibu Chronicle with McLaren car on the cover.


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