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Braces off in 9 weeks instead of 10


Dr. Bob PerkinsMy dentist Dr. Perkins is so funny. Since he saved me a week of braces on lower teeth, now he wants to fix my one top tooth and he says he can fix in one week. He says I owe him a week. I guess I do but rotating a tooth in one week. I will have to see him every day and have the wires tweaked  often enough to prove him right.Veera MAHAJAN

I guess I can take  a chance for another week.

But, not this week. I am going to go see my mom in Michigan. I have not eaten properly for 9 weeks. I do want to eat my mom’s cooking so maybe when I come back in 5 days I will consider it.

What do you think?  Should I do it?  Am I crazy or is he?

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