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Catch the New Year 2014


In some countries like Ecuador, the New Year is celebrated by stuffing a dummy with old clothes and when the clock strikes twelve, the dummy representing the old year is set on fire. Now, you don’t have to rummage through your closet and cause a fire at the stroke of midnight to reflect on the past and set goals for the future. You may just want to sit back with a nice glass of wine and allow yourself to watch the Malibu sunset to assist with a little reflection.

Intention is your fire.

What has worked for you this past year? Where were your wins? What were your losses? Could you have done anything different? Would you have liked to spend more time for someone or something in particular that you weren’t able to last year? Well, this is the time to set those intentions in the New Year.

Malibu Chronicle
Malibu Chronicle

Be sure that Malibu Chronicle’s intension is to practice what we preach. We are reflecting on our past and setting new goals for the future. It wasn’t too long ago when Malibu Chronicle used to be a loose-leaf newspaper run by two people. In 2013, we grew more in staff and in pages. We have a magazine that people want to read cover to cover. Our staff is now supporting more areas in and around Malibu. Newest areas and cities added to our distribution are Conejo Valley, San Fernando Valley, Calabasas, Camarillo, Oxnard and Ventura. Look for continued distribution expansion in 2014.

Our team shares the same goal for the New Year. We will continue to bring you thought-provoking stories to promote and share the Spirit of Malibu.  The “Spirit of Malibu” is not a place, it’s a lifestyle. We enjoy sharing valuable information in each print issue and online to bring the Spirit of Malibu to you wherever you live!

We are already implementing changes you will see right away. In 2014, we are growing from a quarterly magazine to six issues per year. We support our local celebrities and we will continue to follow them and support our local businesses. But, we can’t tell you everything we have in store for you. We must allow for a few good surprises.

Online we continue to grow, as well. We have a variety of educational and uplifting articles not covered in the print magazine. Our readership is growing. We keep you informed of great things to do in Malibu with our Calendar of Events. Malibu Mall is up and running for 2014, bringing you new products with discounts to enjoy (

How will you catch the New Year on fire? Simply by setting your intention, keeping what is working, planning to change what didn’t work and of course, staying true to who you are.

We are. .. all good news; Malibu Chronicle dancing in the Spirit of Malibu!



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