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We know that keeping healthy and staying fit is important to our readers. That’s why Malibu Chronicle brings you the latest and best information about health, fitness and nutrition to support a healthy and happy lifestyle. Here’s to your health!

Health for Sex; Sex for Health

By Kathleen Rosenblatt Health for Sex; Sex for Health was the title of a lecture I gave at the Conscious Life Expo two years ago.  With a title like that, people were sitting in the aisles to hear this subject!  Well we all want to learn…

Love versus Attachment

Attachment is rooted in self-centeredness, selfishness. Whereas love is based on selflessness and sacrifice. Ironically, attachment is passed off as love. Love is measured essentially by one’s identification with others. When you become one…

Sounds of Life Becoming Clear

By Jennifer Mujica Miracles happen in the offices of Hear Clear Hearing Aids as the sounds of life become clear again for patients of audiologist, Iris Stone and Dr. Jerome D. Vener.  One such miracle happened a few weeks ago. Iris…