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Celebrating My Birthday!


veera1 yasminaYes my birthday is on April 1st!

Finishing the magazine on my birthday, even though I had to go to dinner with my laptop was a gift. Booking a modeling photo shoot yesterday was another gift.

Best of all was the time spent with my son Rahul, Nancy, JC, Suzie, Truce, Tommie and Scott.

I missed my son Kunal who came to see me on the weekend before but was not with me on my birthday yesterday.

I am looking forward to him spending some time at home in April and May before he starts his new journey as an entrepreneur.

Exciting times ahead!

even though I always tell, I am thinking some of the answers when someone asks how old I am could be:

1. I am good

2. somewhere between 35 and death

3. I don’t remember

Love where I am today. Wouldn’t change a thing!

Life is good!


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