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Change Your Story, Change Your Life.


Using Shamanic and Jungian Tools To Achieve Personal Transformation 

By Carl Greer, PhD, PsyD

We all have a story, but what we often don’t realize is that we are the storytellers, and we can rewrite the story at any time to make it more satisfying. In Change Your Story, Change Your Life: Using Shamanic and Jungian Tools to Achieve Personal Transformation(Findhorn Press/May 2014/ $17.95) clinical psychologist, Jungian analyst, and shamanic practitioner Carl Greer has written a practical guide for transformation using the overlooked tool of the unconscious mind.

Drawing on his knowledge of shamanism from both North American and South American indigenous trainings and his background in Jungian analytical psychology, Greer presents exercises for examining our current story and techniques for working with the archetypal energies that power it.  Greer helps us to tap into the wisdom and power of the unconscious mind.

Greer explains his method for dialoguing and journaling inspired by Jungian active imagination and his knowledge of shamanic journeying. By venturing into unseen worlds usually hidden from our awareness, we can identify, understand, and work with the various energies that both influence our stories and determine the themes that reoccur in our lives.  Then, we can ensure that the changes we want to make will last until we are ready to change the story once again. Providing invaluable information about working with archetypal energies encountered in nature and dreams and during shamanic journeys, Change Your Story, Change Your Life is a practical and engaging guide for anyone looking to achieve transformation.


“….a rich guide to shedding old limiting stories and dreaming a new world into being.”

~ Alberto Villoldo Author of Shaman, Healer Sage (from the foreword)


“An engrossing study of shamanism and how it relates to psychology and everyday life. A unique blending of two very powerful tools.”

~ Lynn Andrews, NY Times Bestselling author of the “Medicine Woman” series


About the author:

After focusing on business for many years, Carl Greer, PhyD, PsyD earned a doctorate in clinical psychology, and then became a Jungian analyst. The shamanic healing work he does is drawn from a blend of North American and South American indigenous trainings and is influenced by Jungian analytic psychology. He has trained with Peruvian shamans and through Dr. Alberto Villoldo’s Healing the Light Body School, where he has been on staff. He has worked with shamans in South America, the United States, Canada, Australia, Ethiopia, and Outer Mongolia. A clinical psychologist, philanthropist, Jungian analyst, and shamanic practitioner, Carl Greer, PhyD, PsyD, teaches at the Jung Institute in Chicago and is on the staff at the Lorene Replogle Counseling Center.

change your storyAbout the book:

CHANGE YOUR LIFE, CHANGE YOUR STORY: Using Shamanic and Jungian Tools to Achieve Personal Transformation by Carl Greer, PhD, PsyD

ISBN: 978-1-84409-464-6

May, 5, 2014 ($17.95)

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