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Choosing Harmony


by Steven “Mana” Trink

From the perspective of the Buddhist Way of Being, living in the Present Moment while embracing the movement and impermanence of Life, is the path to Joy and Celebration. This ancient Wisdom comes from the knowing that all attachment, to what is moving away from us, is the cause of all Human struggle and suffering. How beautiful one’s life can be, if striving was absent from the equation and replaced with Thriving. The attachment to results, outcome or expectations sets you up for emotional distress, a feeling of powerlessness and vulnerability, all which lead to compromised health.

choosing harmony, happiness, love, health
choosing harmony, happiness, love, health

Bruce Lipton Ph.D., renowned stem cell biologist, best selling author, leading authority on how emotions can regulate the expression of our DNA, has through scientific studies, proven that Your Perceptions Control Your Biology. This research, which moves us out of victimhood and into mastery, established one of today’s most important fields of study, The Science of Epigenetics. We live in a world of duality, up/down, left/right, hot/cold, male/female, which allows us to have Perception. The contrast provides two points of reference. The one you focus on becomes your Experience. Your Experience creates your Reality. Therefore, when you shift your Perception it changes your Reality, which has a direct effect on your Biology.

Albert Einstein believed we are “Vibrational Beings living in a Vibrational Universe. Our world as we experience it, is actually a world of Frequency.”  And Nikola Tesla, world recognized electrical engineer, physicist, and futurist has stated: “If you wish to understand the Universe, think Energy, Frequency and Vibration”. Our thoughts and perceptions translate into Vibrational Frequencies. The expression of our DNA is primarily determined by these frequencies generated and based on the way we view ourselves, our thoughts and beliefs as well as our environment. This includes everything we choose to put into our bodies. It is important at this stage to understand that Vibrational Frequency is other than positive/negative or good/ bad. It is simply measured in density of lows and highs. save your life, love, wake upWe are active players who create a path to our own wellness and who have a powerful impact on how we experience our lives.

Through the day-to-day choices we make one can direct the expression of their genes away from disease, imbalance and surviving and direct them towards Wellness, Harmony and Thriving. The key is to shift your focus away from the ego-minds idea that we have control of the outcome and simply view and experience what is “Happening” from another perception. The perspective and corresponding liberating feelings one experiences coming from Heart Centeredness, is completely different than the “Stephen King Thriller” created by the greatest story teller of all time, the Hans Christen Anderson of the body, the ego-mind. It is a master in creating thoughts and linear stories that are perceived as conflict, fear of separation or the losing of what you believe will Fulfill you. The unfolding of the story will always be what’s “ Happening.”  However, the way we perceive the events is completely relative to your focus at that time. When you focus through the eyes of the Heart, rather than the mind’s eye, your view is one from Divinity and your perception is one of Trusting that all is for your Higher purpose.  Therefore, you shift to a higher frequency and detach from the lower vibration associated from the separation of Trust and the fear based story generated by the ego-mind that disrupts your Harmony and Alignment to the flow of life. Since everything is impermanent and constantly moving, we are always subject to the uncertainty of the future, unless we are other than attached to the outcome of the story.  It is easy to now see why attachment creates fear and struggle. The way we give meaning to our experiences, our perception, is the root of the cause of all emotional pain…. When we view life in the abstract form, through the eyes of Heart Consciousness, we perceive from beyond the mind.  Love, Joy, Compassion, Allowing and Trust transmutes the energy and raises it to a higher vibrational frequency. When we hold this energy we can speak our truth, live with integrity and be our authentic selves. It is as simple as a dimmer switch. You turn it one way and it increases resistance to the flow of energy, reflective of the ego-mind, and the lights get lower; turning it the other way, decreases the resistance and the darkness is illuminated (Heart Consciousness)… You feel Liberated when connected to the Heart, the opposite when the linear mind is engaged. The energetic connection determines how you feel….. Remember: We are all Energy Beings.

When we make loving and self-empowering choices and apply practices that modify the expression of our genes, we shift out of the stress response of anxiety, depression, addiction, pain, insomnia, obesity and step into a state of overall well-being. Integrating this simple “Awareness” into your daily life will free you from all your Emotional Conflicts and put you in Balance with Divine Consciousness. To be conscious that you have a choice between your point of focus in every thought, action and experience that we encounter is the Blessing, the Gift of a lifetime. It allows us to energetically detach from our stories, so we can live in the Present Moment of Harmony, Balance and Joy. Now is the very moment to begin to experience the ever expanding possibilities of this world of wonder and your place within it; simply, by shifting your perception from the illusions of the ego-mind to the Truth and Wisdom that lives within your Heart.


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Steven “Mana” Trink, epigenetics,
Steven “Mana” Trink, epigenetics,

Steven “Mana” Trink is an Epigenetic Therapist that works in energy fields that activate innate Wisdom. He a leading force and Visionary of Personal Transformation in the New Science of Epigenetics
Steven “Mana” Trink
Epigenetic Therapist
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