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Conquering my fear of water.

veera mahajan board paddle malibuTrying to learn swimming and stand-up paddle boarding. Working with Tony Stern (RadFish). Driving him crazy sometimes. I keep showing up even when I am scared of water.
I am afraid of deep waters. Tony is taking on the challenge of teaching me how to swim and take me to the ocean for stand-up boarding and maybe surfing one day (…we’ll see).
I have been swimming with him last few days and today was the first day stand-up boarding, of course we started with sitting, then knees and finally standing for some time. Tony is amazing!
I appreciate you following me through my journey from fear to success. I have done it in my life, I don’t see why I can’t over come this fear.  I want to thank everyone for your support ever since I came to town. I sometimes laugh with my new friends that I came here with a few clothes, two bags of shoes and my two cars.  I did not know a single soul and now, with the all the love and support from the locals, I feel like Malibu is my home, and I am happy!
Have a wonderful beautiful day!

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