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Dropping the UPSET…


It seems like most of us spend a lot of time thinking and talking about what we are upset about.  Then we complain about who is making us upset. Then we get upset about being upset. Then we worry about how not to be upset.  Our focus is on UPSET.

I am UPSET because….

We try to deal with the because. All our focus is on the situation or person that is the because of our upset.

Let’s see, could it be easier to focus on the UPSET itself and try to remove that because that is what is bothering us. It is the UPSET  that is causing us to feel bad.  What if we did not have UPSET  at all.  NO UPSET!

Let’s see what happens if we remove the UPSET

I am —– because….

Wow! it is just I am ——-because. You can fill anything you want in that blank.

Or you can remove the because too. Since there is no UPSET, there is no need for because.

All that’s left is “I Am”.  Wouldn’t that be great if you just were.  Could you just say I AM (what ever you feel at the moment) and be happy with it.  Try it!

You just  brought the focus back to YOU, your SELF! Take care of YOU!  Just be YOU! Beautiful, wonderful YOU!

Let’s remove the UPSET out of the “I am UPSET because…”  this holiday season!

Enjoy your SELF and Let others enjoy YOU too!

Wishing your very Happy Holiday Season!!





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