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Ed Asner & Yvette Rachelle team up for Defenders of Wildlife of Nation’s Wolves & Bison



Film and 7-time Emmy award winning icon Ed Asner and Supermodel/Actress Yvette Rachelle have a great love & compassion for animals which is why they are joining forces with Defenders of Wildlife: non-profit Organization that is dedicated to the protection of all native wildlife and the plants in their natural communities.

As we speak, there is a proposal to wipe out 60% of the Wolves in the Frank Church Wilderness area in Idaho. At the helm is the Governor of Idaho, Butch Otter who has set up a wolf control board with intentions to kill all but a 150  Wolves in State. The board is costing taxpayers 400,000 a year.  In Idaho they kill Wolves by aerial gunning program, paying contractors to kill entire Wolf packs in the wilderness, and through liberal hunting and trapping regulations that are killing these beautiful animals at alarming rates. We need to tell Governor Butch Otter to stop this massacre now!

The Bison are an iconic symbol of the American West. We nearly wiped them out before but today they are being killed again? The slaughter of hundreds of wild Bison happens just outside Yellowstone. Yellowstone National Park rounds up and ships these innocent wild Bison to slaughterhouses as they cross the Park boundaries. The tragedy unfolds almost annually is the result of pressure from Dept. of  Livestock to stop Bison from moving into habitat outside Yellowstone National Park.

Ed Asner,  Yvette Rachelle & Defenders are asking Americans to help and call on Montana Governor Steve Bulluck to use authority to both move forward to process to expand the “tolerance zone” outside the Park and to halt this slaughter until the process is completed. Slaughtering these Bison, many which are free of the brucellosis, will have no effect on transmission of the disease to livestock. People should know the truth, that Montana Agency Officials are using this disease as a scapegoat to keep wild Bison out of Montana. Americans need to know this issue right away before it’s too late for The Wolves & the Bison and the killing spree in the backyards of America.

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article courtesy of  Charles Sherman Public Relations

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