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Fashion: An Extension of YOU


by Rahul Mahajan

Personality plays the biggest role in your natural likes and dislikes.  You have a gravitational pull towards items that make you feel comfortable in your lifestyle. Never wear something you aren’t comfortable in. Comfort is the number one importance when dressing. It affects the way you are able to “rock” or carry your outfit.  Comfort leads to easy confidence and allows you to act relaxed, walk confidently, and think peacefully.

Learn to appreciate and practice an aesthetic balance of textures, colors and shapes. Pay attention to the harmony of lines Fashion1and contours along your silhouette and down the center of your body. Fashion is Art after all so all the same principles apply.  Fall in love with the art world in whole and study all forms, enveloping you in these principles until it becomes your subconscious.

“Trends” are a unique accent piece of an outfit that is usually made popular by a celebrity model.  They flood the scene and are the most popular detail for a season or two and then wash away. The trend is either updated or replaced by something a bit more exciting.  Trends correlate exactly with the mood of society.  This means it can be affected by weather, world news, movies, a musical performance, new technology, etc.  Be social with the world and join in the conversation.  Be in touch with the universe and there you will find “swag.”  This word actually fits this article perfectly because it stems from “swagger” which is an adjective for easy confidence and comfort in ones environment.  Now a-days, the trendy word “swag” is used in conjunction to a clothing style, or an outfit.  Comfort and fashion must go hand and hand!

To know what you’re comfortable in, be in touch with YOU.  Know your favorite colors and embrace your lifestyle. When mimicking a style you’ve seen and have been inspired by, make sure you throw your own “swag” on it. Personalize it with an item that’s special to you, sleek accessories can help, but be sure to never over do the outfit.  Simplicity is important.  Balance is key!


rahul3Rahul Mahajan

Rahul Mahajan a FIDM graduate is a California designer based in Malibu and Hollywood. Artistically inclined, his fertile and innovative designs have affected trends, and have adorned many red carpets.  In addition to creating fashions for women, Rahul has created a ready-to-wear men’s line, which has been universally received as sleek, cool, and comfortable. For more info check





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