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Feeling KAISHIN “an open heart brings you the world.”



-by JC Cadena

Looking for a place to eat while you are in Malibu, you must go to Kaishin  an Asian Fusion restaurant located at the Malibu Colony Plaza in Malibu just a few blocks away from the pier.

“Do you know what Kaishin means?  It means, to have an open heart”, owner Sacha said about Kaishin60Px56BDMqwN52EJ4aJ6t0JIY8p9BMoRCHcOpO-FgFw

He continued, “its a feeling of having an open heart, where unconditional love is found”.  “An open heart can give you…” he left me in suspense as I listened intently to his words,  “the world! To many and to us in Kaishin the world means; love, friends, family”.

When he said this, it all made sense.  When I visit Kaishin I always feel welcome.  I never hesitate to find my table and make myself at home.  It’s a feeling I don’t really get anywhere else quite like this.

On that sunny Malibu afternoon my friends were running late, due to traffic on the ever so popular Pacific Coast Highway. I met a beautiful lady, sitting across from me.  She was having lunch with her best girl friend.  She had overheard my conversation with Sacha.  Christine meets her friends at Kaishin before they pick up their kids who attend the local elementary school.  She recommends to the Malibu public to bring their kids to Kaishin, as Kaishin provides BENTO boxes especially for little emperors.

“They have fun, eat a healthy delicious meal and I get to enjoy quality time with my kids. Once in a while I meet my husband here and enjoy a nice romantic dinner”, Christine said.

Apparently I was not the only one feeling KAISHIN”. 2005-01-20 17.25.26

Was it the friendly service, the delicious food, the modern décor, the beautiful location that made Christine and I feel at home?  I found the answer to be in Kaishin’s origin, its essence, and specially the menu that has been prepared and designed to fit the Malibu spirit.



Do you want to feel Kaishin, visit   KAISHIN_Logo_Color_V2-crop-2

Kaishin | Malibu Colony Plaza

23715 Malibu Road

90265 Malibu, CA

Phone: 310-317-9777

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