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by Hermine Hilton

‘America’s Memory Motivator’

I thought it would be the ideal time to talk with you about what our physical systems are ingesting (in plainer terms….what we put into our mouths) and how it affects our memory.

Many people ask me if there are certain foods or vitamins that can enhance their memory power. Now, although there is no certain proof regarding the answer to that question, it is a fact that attention to the right diet and promoting healthy eating help toward weight control. And weight control is of major importance to your physical health and its effect on your memory. This is true because excessive weight increasesfood for thought the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and other conditions that affect the brain in a negative way.

Having said that, I will share with you what many nutritionists tell us.

Again, while there is no solid proof, according to these diet gurus the best foods for brainpower are: broccoli, asparagus, avocados, lettuce, tuna, cod, mackerel and fresh fruit.

Now some of the vitamin makers would have us believe we could ignore the real thing, just store up on their products, and pop their pills all the way to copping a Pulitzer. But the scientific researchers tell us not to overemphasize those costly nutritional supplements at the expense of the real thing, which is a well balanced diet. So eating healthy, vitamin-laden foods sounds like a plan to me. It sure couldn’t hurt. But whether or not those so-called brain-boosting diets actually maturate your memory, remains a whistle in the wind. So ingest them with a grain of salt. (Make it low sodium.)

Let’s Give It A Try:


1. Start with breakfast. The brain needs the glucose for fuel. Include high protein and fiber and lots of B vitamins. Breakfast might include nuts, beans, dairy products, whole grains, and the like. Be sure to slurp up some OJ for more folate and vitamin C. 

2. Despite what some may say, eggs for lunch would work because they are rich in choline. Your body uses choline to produce acetycholine, a key neurotransmitter in memory formation. Add a leafy green salad to that for your vitamin E. Load it with fruits and vegetables. These antioxidants will lower the boom on those pesky free radicals. Yes I know you can get antioxidants from vitamin supplements but most researchers warn that getting these chemicals from food is far more effective and a lot safer. Dessert at lunch could be yogurt. Yogurt contains amino acids, said to improve alertness.

3. It’s fish for dinner, well oiled, so you can get your omega-3 fatty acids. And how about a healthy scoop of betacarotine on the side (carrots to the uninitiated). Lay those carrots alongside some of your very favorite broccoli (OK, make it asparagus) for a bit more B.

Now don’t go topping it off with an absolutely phantasmagoric slice of hot fudge cake. Any lab rat will tell you that berries are better—-at least for their memories.


A Memory Tip For your Marketing

Create an acronym (a word formed from the initial letters of each item) or an acrostic (a sentence created using words that start with the initial letter of each item) to make a mnemonic (memory) list of the things you want to buy.

As an example:

If you’re throwing a party for your visiting mom your list might include oysters, caviar, Dom Perignon, shrimp, Swedish meatballs, and peppers. (You really love your mom.)

And your acrostic might be “Please Mother Do Come Over Soon.”

Please    – Peppers

Mother  – Meatballs

Do         –  Dom  Perignon

Come    –  Caviar

Over     –  Oysters

Soon     –  Shrimp 

If you’re stopping at the drugstore for some personals before the party,

Hair conditioner, Air freshener, Nasal spray and Dental floss, line the items up this way:

Hair conditioner

Air freshener

Nasal spray

Dental floss

Then when you leave the drugstore, all the things you need will be right in your HAND!


Hermine HiltonThe Lady On The Mountain

[Hermine Hilton, one of America’s most popular speakers, is the author of several books on memory including “The Executive Memory Guide” (Simon&Schuster), “50 Ways To A Better Memory”, and her latest book titled “Fuhhgeddaboutit!” (How To Stop Worrying About Your Memory). You may have heard her on Radio or seen her on Television with David Letterman; Charlie Rose; Matt Lauer; Bryant Gumbel, or a host of others. She is the creator of Sonik Memory and the memory motivator for the Fortune 500 Companies from Nordstrom to NASA, and is known internationally from the Netherlands to Nigeria, Turkey to Thailand, Italy to Israel, and almost all other points on the planet.
(She is also known as ‘The Lady On The Mountain’ to those of you in Malibu who drive Corral Canyon.)]


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