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5 Ways to spice up your indoor cardio workout.

 by Samantha Clayton

Treadmill Torture or Fun?

When it comes to running on a treadmill it’s very rare that someone thinks its just O.K, the response is usually you either love it or you hate it!  But With the colder climate and the sun setting earlier at this time of year for many people there is only one option and that’s to get on the human hamster wheel or risk freezing outside.

Let me share with you a few fun treadmill tips to help you spice up your treadmill routine and keep you in running shape all year long! If you don’t enjoy running don’t worry you can apply my tips to any piece of cardio equipment.

1. Vary your terrain by adjusting the gradient.

If you are fortunate enough to be using a newer treadmill where you can adjust the gradient have fun creating a challenging outdoor trail run, weather you fancy running up a steep mountain or creating rolling hills its easy to break up the monotony of a flat course by simply pressing the button. I love hill running and enjoy the challenge of increasing the gradient every 60 seconds. An added bonus about being in control of the gradient is that if the hill feels too steep just take it down a notch, Now you can’t do that when your running outside!

2. Plan your music in advance.

Music is known for being a great motivator especially when it comes to exercising and sports performance. The joy of modern technology is that you can create entire playlists of all of your favorites. Spend time going through your music collection and pick out songs that make you smile, find that one song that makes you want to dance because it will be perfect motivation for you to turn up the speed and run a little faster. I have been known for putting my motivational song on repeat and running so fast that the treadmill is shaking.

3. Interval training is best to avoid boredom.

This is a matter of preference but running or walking at the exact same speed for the entire time is just not an option for me I find it incredibly boring. Interval training has so many added benefits because not only does it stop you from getting bored it can help you to push yourself to burn more calories in less time. A great way to interval train is to run at a 7/10 difficulty level for 45 seconds then walk or jog at a 3/10 difficulty for 30 seconds. Training in this way for 30- 45 minutes can improve your cardiovascular fitness and endurance.

4. Enjoy the gadgets.

If you want to do a steady state run without adjusting you gradient and speed take your mind off the run by playing with the treadmill gadgets. Many treadmills are equip with heart rate monitors, calorie burn counters etc. It is fun to try and keep your heart rate within your target range and guess how many calories you will burn every 5 minutes. There are also many pre designed running plans in place so you don’t even have to think about it.

5. Break up your run.

Don’t just get on the treadmill without a goal because chances are you will get off faster if you don’t have a plan. If your goal is to run 5 miles but you get bored after 2 miles. Get off and do some light resistance work or abdominal crunches then get back on.

Stay on track

The benefit of training on a treadmill is that you can precisely monitor your distance and time without the variables of rough terrain and strong winds slowing you down. The treadmill is a wonderful tool to use to keep your health and fitness goals on track but if you ask most avid runners they will tell that there is nothing like the feeling of the wind in your hair and pavement under your feet. If you are lucky enough to live in a moderate climate just wear a few extra layers and enjoy the crisp cool air outside.

However you choose to get in your run I am reminded of this saying every time I lace up my Nike’s “JUST DO IT”

Samantha Clayton is an Olympic athlete, personal trainer, fitness model, track coach, TV spokesperson, wife and mother. She’s the fresh face of fitness leading “BeFit in 90” a free, new online workout series from Lionsgate.  She can be contacted through her website

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