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Health for Sex; Sex for Health

By Kathleen Rosenblatt

Health for Sex; Sex for Health was the title of a lecture I gave at the Conscious Life Expo two years ago.  With a title like that, people were sitting in the aisles to hear this subject!  Well we all want to learn more about how a healthy mind and body can improve all human activities, including sex. But studies show that in turn sex itself can improve overall health. Since the right use of sexual energy is such a critical health factor, it was included in my workshop,

Given the increasing stresses in our lives, many women and men at age fifty are already burned-out and feeling non-sexual, non-orgasmic; feeling over the hill and throwing in the towel.  Often, they are also sluggish, achy, depressed and a bit overweight.

Love-lovers-23160065-800-600On the other hand, many women in fifties and sixties are reporting ever-increasing numbers of orgasms and sexual responsiveness in general. What is happening here?  Why a cumulative effect? Are they simply feeling more entitled to pleasure than their mothers did? Exercising more than their mothers? Less hampered by birth control than their younger selves? Refusing to pay attention to their numerical age? Following the wisdom that the ever-unfolding years bring—that joy can be truly ever expanding?  Growth actually DOES continue–if rightly attended to??

There are many reports on the overall benefits of sexual arousal for the human body. Vaginal stimulation has been found to counteract chronic back and leg pain, reduce menstrual cramps, arthritic pain, and in some cases even headaches. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that men who ejaculated frequently (at least 21 times a month!) were less likely to get prostate cancer. Joseph J. Pinzone, MD cites a landmark study on how sexual intercourse specifically (not masturbation) lowered systolic blood pressure.  The list goes on…

There are excellent herbal formulas to support the adrenals and other endocrine glands so that more energy is available–for life and for sexual activity.  There are methods for propagating the feel-good hormones that have been suppressed in our systems for so long—ayes to produce total body exhilaration, as a prelude to sex or for its own sake. Every organ takes part in the sexual experience, and the polymorphous pleasure receptors in every cell can be further activated–with or without sex.  The currents up the spine can get fully charged.  Everything gets enhanced!  And when we handle sexual energy intelligently and intentionally, we create more psychic and physiological force.

This could be the moment in history when the superficial disconnect between our ”higher” selves and our primal physical body will become an unnecessary and obsolete dichotomy.  With some recalibration, we can enjoy the sensuous embodiment of all our energies—both the subtle transcendent spiritual dimension reintegrated with the somatic, instinctual, sexual forces. No longer a dysfunctional, secretive split.  Not celibate but celebrate!


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