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We are so proud to have Samantha Clayton as our Special Health Correspondent.  Samantha is a Malibu resident and she is reaching out to our Malibu community and beyond with her expertise, personal stories and information.  We are very fortunate to have Samantha on board and look forward to her positive outlook and messages to help us all get in better health!  Welcome Samantha!

Samantha Clayton is an Olympic athlete, personal trainer, fitness model, track coach, TV spokesperson, wife and mother. She’s the fresh face of fitness leading “BeFit in 90” a free, new online workout series from Lionsgate.  BeFit is YouTube’s new fitness channel:  BeFit YouTube.  This 90 day fitness challenge provides daily 35 minute workouts that include strength, cardio, flexibility, yoga and high intensity drills. 

Samantha’s sporting experience and bubbly personality create a motivational platform for many to kick start their own road to fitness. Currently she is on staff atPepperdineUniversityas the head women’s sprint coach.

One of Sam’s favorite sayings is “Let’s make a start!” This is exactly what Sam intends to do with her new website Samantha Clayton Fitness where she offers visitors inspirational training tips and fitness updates.   Please visit Samantha on FACEBOOK


What’s Hot in the world of fitness in Malibu?

by Samantha Clayton

Have you been looking for a great workout that stretches your body, quiets the mind and heals your soul? If the answer is yes, then Malibu HOT yoga has got exactly what you need.

World- renowned yogi, Sumit Banerjee, designed the yoga sequence at Malibu’s hot yoga studio. His aim was to create a program that was suitable for all levels, beginner through advanced so that everyone could enjoy the wellness benefits that come from practicing this ancient art.

Not a huge fan of yoga? Think yoga is just for girls? Then step inside this studio in the heart of Malibu and be prepared to be amazed. Hot sweating and toned bodies of both men and women pack the room three times a day to get a fix of one of the most challenging workouts I have ever tried ‘and Coming from an Olympian that’s a pretty bold statement’.

I was introduced to sumits yoga a few years ago at his own studio in Scottsdale Arizona, My husband Royce Clayton former Major League Baseball all star and world series champion convinced me it was the greatest way to avoid injury and get strong during his off-season. I reluctantly accompanied him one day to a class and fell in love with the challenge of pushing my body to a new level of fitness.

I was surprised that the heated room allowed my body to stretch more effectively and to be honest I had never sweated that much in my life.

The constant flow of poses adds a cardiovascular challenge to your practice while the varied selection of hot new music and beats will have you captivated as you stretch yourself to a positive, stronger and more toned you.

Sumit personally trained Malibu’s Hot yoga owners and instructors yet their studio was designed with their own unique flair to entice Malibu locals and visitors to stop by. You can shop for yoga essentials including mats and towels or pick up high-end yoga apparel from lululemon, piranha, and beyond yoga.

As a working mother of four including a set of triplets I enjoy stepping into the warm yoga studio and taking 75 minutes of my day to be calm, peaceful and inspired.

So weather you fancy trying something new, stepping up your workout game, or just want to admire the array of retired professional athletes who are trying to ward off the post game pounds, Malibu Hot yoga is worth a visit.

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