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How Acupuncture for Low Back Pain helps Organs too!


by Dr. Kathleen Rosenblatt

Most people are unaware of how Acupuncture for low back pain helps internal organs too. Its well known success Male-Back-points acupuncture for back pain usually goes much deeper than merely achieving pain relief. The ramifications are much greater. When I apply a treatment of acupuncture with heat, special massage techniques and Electromagnetic Stimulation [PEMF]—all effective for regenerating muscle and nerve tissue, I often see improvements in the kidneys, bladder, metabolism and intestines as well. For instance, many people report fewer sleep interruptions for urination during the night. Some have noticed improvements in prostate function, erectile dysfunction or frigidity, and in intestinal and menstrual issues.

Sciatic-nerve acupuncture health & fitnessWhen our back aches, it is often the cause AND result of various other underlying problems in the body. While inflammation can migrate to other joints and limbs, it often gravitates to the lower spine–one of our most vulnerable spots. And yet this area is a vital command center for our adrenal power activation. Therefore, whether I use laser, PEMF, infrared heat or acupuncture needles, I find treating the arthritic build-up or injury of the vertebrae, nerves, and spinal fluid, will also affect the neighboring organs.

The acupuncture meridian channels have all the qualities of a laser beam. In fact they ARE laser beams. So manipulating acupuncture points can have ramifications in the 3-dimensional body and beyond… Multi-tasking at its best!



Kathleen Rosenblatt, L.Ac, PhD,, co-founder of first Acupuncture clinic in the U.S.–at UCLA.  Worked many years with Cedars-Sinai psychologists. Author of metaphysical books in French & English, she blends multiple modalities with spiritual and electromagnetic treatments of pain & depression.  Her Stress Relief CDs for the general public and Veterans with PTSD have been funded by Graham Nash.  Please email

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