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I Love Malibu

sunset jccadena

by JC Cadena

Driving down Pacific Coast Highway into Malibu is an experience.  The blue water of the pacific is an amazing site.

No wonder PCH is backed up so often during the summer months, everyone wants to take a  dip into this blue water.

You don’t have to stay but you definitely have to visit.

This town has a population of 12,861 (2013).  When you walk around town you will run into familiar faces who soon become friends.  The local hang-out spots are great to meet locals as well; V’s, Solstice Canyon, Dukes to name a few.

Malibu has a small town feel with big city progressive thinking people.  Artists walk around Malibu buying their own groceries at Pacific Coast Greens.  You can also spot a few stars at CVS over at the Malibu Colony.

But these aren’t the reasons  you live in Malibu.  You live in Malibu for the sunsets, the water, the surf, the people,pier malibu the fresh air, the beautiful birds that sing all day, and the stars you see when you look at the sky at night.

I’ve told you why I love Malibu.  Now, tell me why YOU love Malibu.






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