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I Have to Stop Hurting My Foot!


I have got to stop hurting my foot!  Really!  Even I could not believe when I fell running yesterday and twisted my same ankle that I had injured just two months ago. I was finally starting to feel better and was able to wear my high heals.  I was finally getting back to my Karaoke nights. I don’t really go there to sing but I love to dance. That is why being able to wear my high heals was so important!. Plus it gives me much needed 3 inches. Today, I felt much lower to the ground again and of course since I am almost always in high heals unless I am in running shoes, it just feels plain weird.

Someone said, I should stop running because I have to remember I am not a teenager any more. But, my doc. says my bone density is the best she has ever seen in her whole career.  She thinks I am unbreakable so I can keep running. I think it is a minor set back to remind me to start listening to my conscience when that little voice is speaking to me.

I distinctly remember I heard it when I was running down hill past a couple of dogs and their people, around a bending and broken path. I should have listened. I think I will next time. I think I learned my lesson.

We will see! I don’t trust myself when it comes to physical challenges. I think I am a little over ambitious for my own good. It works a lot of time but then sometimes, I break my foot. 🙁  Not fun when that happen 🙁


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