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Interesting Call from Ex-In-Laws


My ex-inlaws (is that even a word). They are the parents of my ex. They love me and I love them.

Anyway,   my ex got remarried and that is good for him. It does not bother me. I even congratulated him. Felt right.

But my ex-inlaws (?) called today and after telling me how much they love me, they asked me to also get married. They think I need someone to spend the rest of my life with. I know they say that out of love but some how that hurts, I don’t know why. It has been bothering me for two days. I feel bad that now people have new expectations of me. I am okay! I am busy! I am happy!

I don’t need to get married just because my ex is married again?

I m learning to L.I.V.E.


Learn to love yourself

Insist on freedom

Victory over victim syndrome

Empower you life





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