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Isn’t It Time Malibu Had a Ferry?

by Susan Hardie


Monday, April 20th, the California Incline—the road/bridge that leads from PCH up to Ocean and California avenues in Santa Monica — closed for about a year so that it can be demolished, and replaced with a new, seismically safer version of the structure in the same spot. The current Incline was built in the 1930s, and has not been upgraded since then. The long-overdue $20-million project will create a new Incline that will be more than five-and-a-half feet wider than the old one and also have a 16-foot-wide protected lane for bike and pedestrian traffic.pch

 The project is expected to create saturation levels of traffic in an already congested area, and Malibu residents are bracing for commute tie-ups. Motorists can travel between PCH and Ocean Avenue using the Moomat Ahiko Way ramp located south of the Santa Monica Pier, or the 10 Freeway, which transitions into PCH.  They can also exit PCH at Chautauqua when traveling into Brentwood, West LA and Westwood.

These days, Malibu residents may be feeling like they are living on an island, as all roads leading in and out are closed for one 537f06c6-c216-48fa-9856-db8d8e2f6071reason or another – PCH gets closed for repairs or landslides, canyon tunnels are closed for construction, and canyon roads are closed by brush-fires and accidents. But, every crisis can open the door to new opportunity. Isn’t it time Malibu had a Ferry service – or, even better, Malibu Uber Yachts? All aboard!

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