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Knowing what to do is not always easy.  Our mind is always attracted to things that we like to do but the things we like to do are not always good for you.

veeraI love to work out and lately I have been trying to learn how to swim and paddle board.  Last Saturday, I was running on the treadmill (which I always do) and all of a sudden I had a terrible stiff neck and migraine. I had to stop.  I was not happy because I am attached to the feeling of having a good workout. Sunday, I tried to do the elliptical and the same thing; stiff neck and headache came back.  Since then I am have been avoiding full workouts and just doing some stretches etc. Needless to say, I am missing my routine and the level of fitness I like.

I am under doctor’s observation for a week or so to see if the meds work.  Even though I am new at swimming, I am missing the pool and the ocean. I want to get back to it. What to do?  I can’t do what I like to do because it will possibly hurt me more and I need to get better for work, school, workouts and for the ocean I have started to enjoy so much.

So, the moral of the story is, doing what we like to do is not always good for us, even if it is a good activity like working out. Take a break, listen to your doctor and do what you have to do.

Listen to your body and your intellect.  Be safe!



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