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Learning How to Fly


By Veera Mahajan

The waters were dark and deep

I was trying to swim for a very long time

I was getting tired and the water was rising

Rising over my head

I tried to go with the flow

To follow the current with all my might

It was getting harder and harder to stay afloat


As I was struggling to come up for a breath

I saw a feeble branch hanging down from an old tree

I knew the branch was weak but I needed something to hold on to

So, I held on to it for some time, while my feet still soaked

I knew if I let go too soon, I would fall and drown

I was still too tired to keep going on my own


I saw a bird on the other branch with not a care in the world

The bird did not depend on the branch; it knew it could fly anytime

I knew then that if I am to be saved, I need to learn how to fly

I started watching the bird carefully and learning

I knew I had to be strong and learn how to depend on ME

It was all in the mind.  I could fly, if I really believed

So, I focused, planned and was sure I could if I tried

I believed I could fly


Soon that feeble branch broke, and went down

By then I was strong, and I was sure

I had learned how to tread so I stayed afloat

The bird flew and I worked my way to the shore

The water is still there and the current is still strong

But I am not in it anymore; I am on the side watching!

Watching calmly as it churns; it cannot hurt me anymore!

It won’t take me down with it, because I have learned how to FLY!


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