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Learning to LIVE


Learning to LIVE

L              Love yourself

I              Insist on freedom

V            Victory over victim syndrome

E             Be Empowered

Learning to LIVE is a four step program to a happy and fulfilling life.

First you have to learn how to LOVE yourself. Know that you deserve the best and that you will not accept anything less. Learning to love yourself is taking care of yourself including your heart and your feelings. Loving yourself is also not letting anyone hurt you or make you feel bad about yourself.  Once you agree to love yourself, you will protect and take care of yourself just like you take care of everyone else you love. You do know how to love; you just don’t put yourself on the list of people you love. Put yourself on the list today. Try saying, “I love Me too!”  Believe me, it is a great feeling.

Once you learn to Love Yourself, you will see all the things that do not serve you. You will see what is holding you back from living your life.  Your dreams and wishes will become important to you once again. You deserve to live your life and make your dreams come true. That will happen only when you acknowledge yourself and your dreams and INSISIT on being free to live your life on your terms.

It is possible to be free and fulfill your dreams when you decide to not let anyone or anything hold you back. It is possible to be free once you decide to not be the Victim. You have the response-ability for your own life. You choose what to do for you. You don’t let anyone take charge and run your life. The day you decide to take control of your destiny and stop seeing yourself as a victim, you will have the VICTORY over the victim syndrome.  You will be Free.

Be EMPOWERED with Self Love and Freedom to choose how to live your life without fear of someone else and see how the universe lines up things tha

In this New Year be empowered by learning to love yourself and be Free to live a life on your own terms to its fullest potential!!t serve you.  There is nothing and no one who is holding you back. You are not a Victim because you know you have the response-ability for your present and your future. You can do anything you want if you put your mind to it. Once you start taking baby steps towards your own fulfillment you will see the confidence build so you can take on bigger and better things that come your way. You will start saying yes to opportunities and accomplishing everything you wish for!

I am on this journey,  Come join! Love yourself too!


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