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Learning to L.I.V.E.

Loving yourself is the simplest recipe that makes you

Insist on Freedom. The only way to be truly free is by gaining

Victory over victim syndrome… Once you hone that trait, what you have is an

Empowered YOU!


veera2Most of us know how to love others but we are never encouraged or taught to love and respect ourselves. We all want to be loved so we ask and expect someone else to love us. We love them more so maybe they will see how much we love them and maybe they will love us the way we need to be loved. We expect someone else to put us first on their list. We want to be number one on someone’s list.

 Do we love ourselves enough to put ourselves first on our own list? Are you number one on your list? How can we expect anyone else to make us so important to put us on top of their list if we can’t do that for ourselves?

 Do you remember how many times you have put off doing things that you want to do for yourself in order to make sure others’ needs are fulfilled before your own, or to make someone else happy? I remember even putting off going to the bathroom ’till I was finished taking care of all the mundane demands of my family, and  I often did the same even at work. Who knew that I had to go to the bathroom? Only I did. I knew and yet denied myself the basic need to be able to say, I will take care of something else later, but now I need a break. I realize now, the world is not going to stop spinning if I take some time for me. So I do. I tell myself when I cannot take that call, I am still able to take care of things just fine. I just do them after I have taken care of myself.

I’ve now learned to put my comfort, my needs, and what makes me happy, first on my list. I don’t have to wait for someone else to love me completely to know that someone loves me, because I love me. And I love me unconditionally so I feel completely loved. And the happiness that knowledge brings, invites and enables me to freely love others, too.

Happiness awaits you if you…..   

Love yourself first!


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