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Learning to L.I.V.E. a journey …



Someone told me once to write down a job description of what I want to do and then find that job.  I guess you could od the same thing for finding the right person in your life.

Know what you want, and go get it!



It is a “MUST” read book for all those who are victimized by their spouse, are hopeless, have lost direction in a journey that seems unending!  In such situations, one feels deserted and dejected in life and needs inspiration and motivation.  The author of L.I.V.E. has exactly done that!  The book is written in a simple and easy to follow yet powerful script.  Most striking in this book, the author insista not to settle for crumbs of love but DEMAND 100% of Love 100% of the time.

Brij Mohta, Chairperson, MAI Family Services &
Prabha Mohta, M.D. Family practice

Now available in amazon and kindle. Get your copy.


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