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Let the Universe show you the way!


I had a wonderful Sunday with Martin Dunkerton, Janee Markland and Tianna Conte.  It happened because I was open and willing to go with the flow and let the universe show me what it had in store for me, and step out of my own way of relaxing.  Most people who know me also know that I am always working on one or an other project especially lately with  Malibu Chronicle growing and my classes at Pepperdine.  This was one of those Sundays when I did not have homework and no one to sell ads for.  Yes, JC was waiting for my blog that I had not done yet for this Eblast – I was still considering a couple of different ideas for that.

Janee works with Martin Dunkerton, CEO and founder of LOVE EARTH,  and author of the latest version of THINK AND GROW RICH, (Martin added a new chapter to the wonderful original by Napoleon Hill). Martin is also the producer of the film AWAKEN YOUR RICHES.  Janee and Martin invited me to go with them to see Tianna Conte, Spa Shaman, author and film producer.  They told me what a wonderful and inspirational woman she is so I said, “YES, I will come.”  That was the beginning of my wonderful day with these amazing people. I shared and learned some wonderful stories and lessons. I am always open to learning so I was having a wonderful time.

Janee did all the driving (both ways), Martin bought all the organic groceries on the way and did all the cooking when we reached Tianna’s place.  I felt an instant connection with Tianna and the love started flowing as the sharing began, and lasted the whole day. We did not leave until 9pm and still had a two-hour drive back home.  Janee brought us home safely.

For my always-on-the-go personality, it was good that I did not have my car with me. I had to relax and stay put till they were done.  Janee teased about having kidnapped me.  I was able to see how Martin relaxed and fed us happily and peacefully all day.  Tianna was happy and jolly as she told us stories about her near death experiences and her late husband. It was fun to see how much she loves her dog Strawsky. This little dog with beautiful black eyes is almost like a human presence in her life.

I am a firm believer that nothing happens by accident.  I am sure this day was instrumental in building beautiful friendships and yes, I did do some work too. I can’t help it! We agreed to do a cover story about Martin’s business with a philanthropic model called LOVE EARTH.  This is a wonderful vehicle that brings funds to charities while bringing financial and spiritual riches to you.

All in all, it was a successful day and it did not feel like work! I actually had a Sunday!



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