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Live In the Moment, Not For the Moment

There are all kinds of books, lectures and quotations about living in the moment. Yes, I believe in living in the moment as well. But what does that mean, “live in the moment?” I believe it means try to enjoy the moment and what that moment has to offer you. Don’t worry about the past – you can’t change it even if you wanted to or tried. And don’t worry about the future, because you really have no control over it, and can never really be sure if that anticipated future will ever happen.veera on malibu Pier

Some people want to enjoy the moment like there is no tomorrow. They want to do everything their heart desires without thought of the consequences of that action.  Yes, it is true that you cannot change the past because you cannot go back in time to fix the mistakes you might have made. You have to live with the effects of those actions now, that is your destiny. But, what you do now in this moment will be the cause of the effect you will have on your future. Your future is built on the foundation of today. That is Karma. So, yes, enjoy the moment, but don’t be fooled to think it has no consequences for your future.  Don’t worry about the future, but do plan for it. If you don’t have a goal in sight, chances are you won’t get there. If you have a goal and stay focused, you will reach the goal.  Find what you like to do and have a goal that makes you happy so that you can enjoy every moment of the journey to your goal.

Make a plan and keep moving forward like a frog, advises my good friend and entrepreneur, Tony Alcock. Tony has always followed the habit of the forward leaping frog in all of his life long projects, and he swears that this simple role model has kept him moving forward and reaching new heights in everything he does.  Like a frog, once he makes a decision he does not look back, and he has never regretted that decision.

Here is to enjoying every moment and moving forward to doing our best!




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