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“Love is being in harmony with one and all. Love means realizing your identity with the world. Your oneness with beings. To regard them as you would the different parts of your physical body. Every part of the body is dear to you. You look at it, look after it as your whole being. Be it your fingers or toes, your eyes or ears. So must you feel and realize the unity with your fellow-beings. Your oneness with the entire universe. That is love. A feeling that helps you maintain a perfect harmony with the world. You then live in peace and bliss. And if you lack the feeling of oneness, consider yourself separate and distinct from the rest, you would fall out of harmony with the world. You deprive yourself of this great emotion of love. And live a life of suffering and sorrow. That is the law.

The concept of love has been totally distorted. What people call as love is far from true love. What the world understands as love is personal, preferential attachment. Attachment binds you. Makes you dependent upon the object or being of your attachment. Leads to your downfall. Little wonder people say, “You have fallen in love!” You must give up this clinging, selfish, personal, attachment which passes off as love. And develop the true form of love. A perfect human being is all-love. It has no motive, no desire, no personal attachment. It is not being a lover but is love itself. Everyone is drawn towards it. The whole world adores the child. You must learn to follow the example of the child. Give up your selfishness. Get rid of preferential relationship. Dissolve personal attachment. Rise above egocentric motive and desire. You thus merge with the fundamental element of love. You become the centre of attraction in the world. A magnetic personality. A true human being. Thereafter, goodness flows out of you to the rest of the world. Those who mean to serve the world would do well to develop such purity of love. “


Vedanta Treatise, Swami Parthasarathy, V. 90-91.


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