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Love and Respect Yourself!!


Respecting yourself means also not to accept anything less than respect from anyone else.

If someone makes you feel bad it is your job to let them know. Otherwise how are they going to realize that they made you feel bad and how will they know not to do it again.

It is your job to tell them once what you do not like. Then you expect them to respect you enough to remember what you do not like and not do it to hurt your feelings.

Once you let them know calmly what bothers you, your job is done.

If they do it again, they are showing you that they do not respect you.

And, if you let them do it again, it is on you, then you do not respect yourself.

Respect and expect respect. Respect is as important if not more than love.

Love and respect yourself first before you expect anyone else to respect and love you!veera


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