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Malibu Arts Festival


Malibu Arts Festival was held Saturday, July 27th and Sunday July 28th.  The weather was absolutely beautiful for the event.

The sky was clear it was hot but the wind blew slightly to help with the heat.

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The Malibu Arts Festival was a celebration of art, food and local Malibu businesses.  It was great to see Malibu enjoying a day of merriment with family, and friends.

Veera and I headed to the festival and it was nice to see some familiar faces and meet some new people. We met Dr. Perkins from  Smiles in Malibu, who greeted us and offered a brighter smile “free take home tooth whitening kit”.  We also met Ascend faith, who welcomed us regardless of our personal believes and gave us a blessing.  We enjoyed some fantastic salad and grilled cheese sandwich from the food truck.  Burger, salads, lobster tacos, looked tempting but we could only eat so much. 2011-01-01 00.00.00-16

Met some wonderful people in the coffee line. A young boy  stood in line,  in front of us.  We were waiting for coffee and he was waiting with his Father for flavored ice. When he was given his treat, he was so happy  like nothing mattered.  He was so present within his own space.  He enjoyed the moment.  We saw his  innocence and reflected about his carefree attitude which convinced to also enjoy the flavored ice and  remembered our inner child.

Joy was a feeling, so visible from booth to booth. Thank you Malibu Chamber of Commerce for organizing such a successful festival.


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