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Malibu Creek State Park




When I visit Malibu Creek State Park, I wish I was giant sitting at the top of Bulldog Road watching eagles soaring through the skies enjoying the magnificent scenery below me. Malibu Creek State Park has so much to offer to its visitors I find myself going back time and time again and urge you to have this experience for yourself.


It’s  “jagged peaks, stunning canyon vistas, oak woodlands, rolling hills of tall grass, a large volcanic swimming hole, world Unknownclass hiking, biking and rock climbing”.  Still not convinced and need a little more excitement how about some cute little or not so little animals, salamanders, newts, frogs, owls ravens, swallows just to name a few.  You may even get to see some bats, foxes, gopher and my favorite a family of deer.

The Chumash Indians settled here about 5,000 to 10,000 years ago and little has changed around the park. “The very MASH_signpost_Mar2010_PRESIZEdesignation of the area comes from the name of a Chumash village pronounced “Umalibu” by the Spanish. The original form may have been (hu-)mal-iwu which means “it makes a loud noise all the time over there” referring to the surf”. What the Chumash thought as home so did Hollywood. It was the location ranch for 20th Century Fox.  Malibu Creek State Park is where M*A*S*H was filmed along with many other films and TV programs. M*A*S*H won 100 Emmy nominations through its 11 season run.  You can have your lunch at the mess tent right were Hawkeye (Alan Alda) had his lunch.


On your next visit to our Malibu, take a giant step towards Malibu State Park!


article by JC Cadena 



For more hours when park is open and more information visit:

Malibu Creek State Park

1925 Las Virgenes Road  (at Mulholland Hwy)

Cornell, CA  91301    (818) 880-0350


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