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Running in the Malibu Sun

by Samantha Clayton

Summer is here the weather is great and you are ready to get outside and burn some calories? If that sounds like you then read on and share my 6 top trail running tips.

It’s easy to think that you should just get up throw on a pair of shoes and head outside for a nice easy run, but if you want to get more out of your workout a little preparation goes a long way.

My top tips

1: Timing is everything, it is summer and the trails get busy after 10am so if possible run early in the morning or run after 5pm. Running early or late will help you to avoid the crowds and the heat.

2: Safety first! Bring water a cell phone and a whistle. Wild animals do occasionally Rome the trails so a whistle may come in handy if you need to scare off unwanted visitors.

3: Fuel up before you go, a car does not run well on an empty tank and your body doesn’t run well without fuel. It is amazing how many people will try to run without providing their body with essential nutrients. Fueling up with some good carbohydrates such as oatmeal can help you get more out of your workout.

4: If you don’t want to spend the extra 10 minutes doing a warm up routine, warm up on the move by walking and performing stretches at the same time. A dynamic warm up will get your heart rate up and prepare your muscles joints and tendons for the impact of running.

5: Sunscreen or a hat? My personal choice is sunscreen because wearing a hat will trap in heat making it more difficult for your body to cool off. Choose your sun screen wisely and avoid getting it just above your eyes! I have personally learned the hard way and sweat running into your eyes mixed with sunscreen can ruin even the most scenic trail.

6: Avoid running on Pacific coast Highway, the ocean view is amazing and gets drivers distracted making road running highly dangerous stick to side streets if you must run on the road or pick from my top 3 places to run in Malibu.


Top 4 runs

1: Zuma beach path is perfect for a flat scenic run, if you want to increase the difficulty of your workout you can alternate between the path and sand.

2: Backbone trail is perfect if you want to be on a trail with varied terrain, this trail is clearly marked with miles and the views are worth the uphill run!

3: Malibu creek state park is my favorite place to run especially if I’m running alone, it’s almost impossible to get lost the paths are wide and it is patrolled by the park rangers which makes me feel safe. There are water fountains, restrooms, flat trails and hills. This trail is truly a hidden gem. The scenery will amaze you with every stride.

For technical tips on how to become a faster stronger more efficient runner my pick 6 tips at

Be happy healthy and active!


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