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Malibu to Cannes


From Corral Cyn to Cannes …

The short western film “Four Winds” premiered last month at the Cannes Film Festival and is the effort of Malibu-raised Nick Brokaw and Jerry Wolf.

The Filmmakers grew up together in Corral Cyn, attended local schools K-12 and graduated MHS 2004, remained friends through college, and formed a production company and are pursuing a professional career together in the entertainment industry.

The film itself was also partially shot in the Malibu area (at Paramount Ranch) and featured many local talents on screen and on the production team (including a co-starring role for Emmy award winning A Martinez, many MHS graduates on the crew and a cameo role by Carson Higgins)

The film has been in the works for 5 years and has just now been completed in time to be accepted into the worlds most prestigious film festival and is now aiming to be submitted to the large North American festivals.

The film has been financially supported in part (and morally supported and encouraged) by a large network of Malibu businesses, families and friends of Nick and Jerry.  Follow them on FACEBOOK

Check out the Movie Trailer on the Malibu Chronicle Homepage

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